September 5

Voom, Voom, Boing!

So say you have kids who love playing Star Wars, but you don’t want them to hurt themselves with whatever approximation of lightsabers they’ll create. Alternately, you might have fully grown friends or relatives who still like playing Star Wars, but, again, you still don’t want them to hurt themselves. Enter the pool noodle lightsaber. With nothing but pool noodles, a serrated knife, and three kinds of electrical/duct tape, Muddy Boots blogger Amy created safe-but-cool-as-hell lightsabers for her son and his birthday guests, then posted the handy-dandy tutorial so we can do the same. Additional photos and tutorials can be found around the interwebs, if Amy’s post isn’t enough for you.

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Posted September 5, 2012 by kaitlenjay in category "Craft", "Movies", "Sci-Fi", "Toys