September 17


Yeesh…cheesy title for the post this week, right? Sorry about that. I’ve had a looong weekend at the Small Press Expo in suburban Washington DC. But on the other end of that cheesy title folks is a double whammy: a chess set (gasp!) with a Doctor Who theme (wheee!)  I found this via the deviantart page of Eladin Skywalker, a sculptor who made all 32 pieces from scratch out of polymer clay. The piece breakdown is as follows:

Evil side:
King: The Master
Queen: Lady Cassandra
Bishops: Cybermen
Knights: Judoon & Sontaran
Rooks: Weeping Angels
Pawns: Daleks

Good side:
King: The Doctor (Ten)
Queen: Professor River Song
Bishops: Ood
Knights: Captain Jack Harkness & The Face of Boe
Rooks: Tardises
Pawns: Baby Adipose

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