August 27

Yoda Hat + Market Bag

My friend Heather Mann is always making great stuff (like the Star Wars finger puppets Renee posted about last week) but my favorites from her lately have to be her Yoda crafts. She made this fantastic fleece hat and wrote a tutorial for it on her Dollar Store Crafts blog — the total cost for the project is under $1!

Heather also did a Star Wars swap over at Craftster recently and made this awesome appliqued Yoda market bag in Jedi robe colors for her partner. You can use her instructions and this free morsbag pattern to make one for yourself, too.

Heather’s hat tutorial has totally inspired me to make a head-to-toe Yoda costume for my one-year-old daughter Pearl for Halloween. I’ll post more pictures when I’ve made my version — I’m figuring out the robe, snake and walking stick right now!

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Posted August 27, 2009 by susan in category "Craft", "Geek", "Movies