March 10

Flip the Switch to the Light Side

Star Wars light side/dark side switchplate

Talk about a quick easy craft to share the Star Wars love – check out this Luke/Vader Light Side/Dark Side switchplate! Bet it wouldn’t take more than half an hour, tops!

The craft writeup for this says to use a Sharpie, which would be easy enough, but you could also use sticker letters. For the Dark Side, line up your sticker letters as a mask, paint over them, then remove the letters.

What a fun addition to a man cave! Oooh, I should totally make one for my husband’s cave/office, then switch it out without telling him and see if he notices! :) The only part I don’t like about this is every time you have to leave the room, you have to “choose” the Dark Side!


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Posted March 10, 2013 by Angie in category "Craft", "Geek", "Movies

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