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I’ve been working in the realm of fandom for a long time.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many talented and crafty fans.  And yes, I’ve seen quite a few geeky cakes.  But, this TARDIS cake is, by far, one of the most impressive cakes I’ve ever seen.

Leigh Henderson, a cake artist and theatrical designer, took to her website, Do It Myself, to showcase just what happens when sci-fi geek meets designer meets baker.  She created a quarter scale (or two-f00t-tall) TARDIS cake that looks like it’s bigger on the inside, with the help of two convex mirrors!

Using a combination of fondant, buttercream, cake, gum paste, royal icing, food coloring, luster dust and rice paper, along with batteries, plywood, mirrors and white LEDs — the TARDIS cake was born.  And the majority of the cake is edible!  (Although, I think I’d have trouble eating such a work of art!)

And don’t think the geekiness stopped with design aesthetics.  Leigh decided to make banana cake with chocolate buttercream icing, because the Doctor said, “You should always bring a banana to a party.  Bananas are good.”

Have you ever tried your hand at Doctor Who-inspired baked goods?  Leave a comment below.  Oh, and allons-y!


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