May 12

How to Train Your Dragon – Toothless Plush

One of my favorite movies is How To Train Your Dragon – I especially love Toothless, the Nightfury dragon that Hiccup befriends over the course of the movie.  One of the problems for Toothless fans everywhere, though, was the fact that the official plush for the movie looked downright ugly.  (I’ll spare you all and not link to it here!)  nooby-banana on DeviantArt, however, created a solution to that problem.

toothlessplushThis Toothless Plush looks much better than the official movie plush!  There’s a tutorial for creating a Toothless of your very own that starts here – it’s split into seven parts, and is pretty easy to follow.  I’ve even made my own Toothless following the pattern – and while it was definitely time-consuming, it was worth all the work.

toothlessplush_bethThis guy here is the one I made – you can read more about him here!



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