June 25

Han Solo Lego Portrait

Back in April I went along to The Sydney Brick Show: a big Lego event where Lego sculptors bring some of their awesome creations and chat with other fanatics, whilst hundred of little kids run around suffering from excitement overload. I was originally going to write an entire post about the event, but there was just so much awesome stuff there, that I’ve kind had to just cut it down to the best for now. And here you are: Han Solo Lego Pixel Art.

Han Solo Lego Portrait

This incredible portrait of Star Wars’ Han Solo is something like 1 metre squared and is made up of over TWENTY THOUSAND bricks. And they are all those tiny “one-ers” that you miss when clearing up and then stand on days later.

Han wasn’t the only pixel art there.

Lego Portraits

Check out these seriously cool Pixar and Dreamworks portraits too: Mike Wazowski, Megamind, Minion and Lightning McQueen. They’d all look amazing on a kid’s bedroom wall. Or just in a big kid’s house!

The Sydney Brick Show appears to be an annual event, so be sure to check it out in 2014 if you live here in New South Wales. However, from talking to some of the people involved in organising this year’s show, it sounds like there are other events going on in different states, and different countries. Keep an eye out for Lego goings on in your area, or even look up your local Lego User Group. For example, here in Sydney it’s the SydLUG.

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