July 4

A Little Bit of Summertime Cosplay

I love the amount of work and care that goes into a good cosplayer’s costume, even more so when it’s genderbending the original character. There’s a lot of stuff to be taken into consideration when you’re turning Tonto, for example, into a female.


“Baker Jenny Rae of Lil Rae Cupcakes is a huge Johnny Depp fan who has an impressive collection of handmade aprons that she wears at her shop. When she saw Depp as Tonto in the upcoming The Lone Ranger film, she decided to make an apron in his honor, but went a step further and even made a headpiece and donned his makeup.” BTW, Jenny Rae mentioned on her FB page, linked above, that she’s going to see “The Lone Ranger” on the Disney lot in Burbank. Pretty cool!

Speaking of cool…how would someone be able to stay cool in the summer while dressing as The Doctor? No matter what his persona is, it seems like he wears an awful lot of clothes! A little bit of genderbending, and these two ladies have it figured out!


While we don’t have names on the ladies here, Fourth and Fifth Femme Doctors found a great way to really keep true to the male Doctors’ costumes. And as it turns out, there’s even a femme Doctor Tumblr site! It looks like you have to be a Tumblr user in order to see the pictures bigger, but if you check out the main page, you can at least see some smaller versions. Today, I saw awesome first and second femme Doctors, and number #1 had painted herself in black and white! William Hartnell would be honored!

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