August 20

So i herd you liek mudkip

so i herd you liek mudkip

Are you looking forward to the new Pokémon games already? I can certainly say I’m thrilled with every bit of leaked news from badly-scanned Japanese magazines! The recent addition of Mega Evolutions throws something new to the mix and I can’t wait to find out awesome the even more powerful Pokémon will be in the games. As an European, the worldwide release date makes me a happy panda. To ease the wait til October, here’s a Pokémon craft.

While hats are not entirely in season, you’ll never know what the weather is going to be like in September, so you might want to start stocking up on them. (I mean, can you ever get enough?) I would surely recommend this Pokémon-inspired fleece hat by Higginstuff. For this beauty and more fleece hats and plushes, I direct you to her etsy shop.

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Posted August 20, 2013 by Emma in category "Craft", "Geek", "Video Games