September 14

Jedi Master Qin

Here I go again posting about cosplay and Star Wars, but this is a costume that you have to see to believe!

Qin, a Togorian (alien feline race) and Jedi master with a dark past. She is blind and her ears have been bifurcated, but she manages to see and hear anyway, as created by Qarrezel, over at Deviant Art. I love how beautiful this headpiece is, and I know if I ever ran into Qin somewhere, I’d need to touch her! There’s even an awesome video that I wish I could add here, but since I can’t, check it out here.



Here, we have Jedi Master Qin at Star Wars Celebration VI with Dreamfinder.

The Togorian people were a feline warrior species native to the planet Togoria. They were known for their association with the Mandalorians, and the unique cultural divisions between their sexes. Both male and female Togorians were also noted for their strong sense of honor.

Be sure to check out Qarrezel’s website, Clockwork Creature, if you have the time. Clockwork Creature is an artistic costume and design studio specializing in realistic, theatrical, and macabre styles of creature costumes. The studio is run by Shannon and Mateo Heartwood, a husband and wife team, in Towson, MD.

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