September 20

Sherlock 221B Knit Beanie

The beanie had it coming…

Are you a fan of the BBC’s Sherlock? Tired of waiting for series 3 to finally come out? Then do I have a project for you!

Sherlock 221B Knit Beanie

“Bored! Bored! I don’t know what’s gotten into the criminal classes. Good job I’m not one of them.”

“So you take it out on the wall?”

“Ah, the wall had it coming.”

Sami Brooker of created a wonderful knit pattern of the wallpaper design found in Sherlock Holmes’ flat at 221B Baker Street, complete with yellow smiley face. She used a circular size US 8 needle to knit the ribbed, bottom-up beanie, perfect for any Sherlock fan, or an unsuspecting friend. Her pattern can also be found on



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