April 4

Geeky Easter Eggs

With Easter almost upon us, it’s time for creating eggs that show off your own natural geekiness!

For the steampunk fans out there, Jen from Epbot has once again created some beautiful metal-looking eggs with charms added as a great extra bit of cuteness. She used papercraft eggs as the base, and then modified metal tape to put over it.

Epbot Steampunk Eggs


Next, the wonderful crafters over at Our Nerd Home posted a quick and easy DIY to make your own Yoshi eggs! Using large plastic eggs from Michaels, they spray painted a layer of white, and then added large colored dots  to create eggs that Super Mario would be proud of.

DIY Yoshi Eggs Our Nerd Home

Hopefully that will help you geek-ify your Easter basket this year, and here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

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