November 7

Mom Makes American Boy Doll for 6-Year-Old Son


When Gina DeMillo Wagner’s 6-year-old son began asking for an American Boy doll last year, she went to great lengths – at a low cost (less than $50!) – to give her boy the doll of his dreams. Currently, the company that makes the American Girl dolls does not make a boy version of the toy. The doll she started with is actually a Madame Alexander brand doll.

And it wasn’t just any doll he was after – Miles wanted one that looked just like him since his older sister had an American Girl doll that looked just like her.

Wagner was inspired to take on the DIY project after a friend jokingly suggested she “get a girl doll and give it a haircut.” One swift makeunder later (she gave the doll a haircut, used acetone to remove the doll’s lipstick and blush, and trimmed the eyelashes), and Miles had his perfect doll, which he decided to name Fred Jones, possibly better known as Freddy from Scooby Doo. His sister named her doll Daphne.

As for whether her crafty endeavor has inspired her to take on more DIY toy projects in the future, Wagner says, “I don’t have any specific plans right now, but I did download some sewing patterns for 18-inch dolls, so if we want to make Fred some new T-shirts, we might do that!”


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