November 23

Zany to the Max! Yakko Warner & The Wheel of Morality

I’m just coming off of a 15 day stretch of working some long days, but I am back finally! And to kick off my days of a regular schedule again, we’ve got Yakko Warner and the Wheel of Morality.


Fluffypants from Ontario, posted her and her husband’s Halloween costumes over at Craftster. This year, they decided to go back to one of their childhood favorites and do costumes from the “Animaniacs!” They couldn’t decide what pair of costumes to do, but randomly watching clips, for some reason they thought the Wheel of Morality would be hilarious. They decided on Yakko for her, and a sandwich board featuring the Wheel of Morality for her husband. He was being camera shy, so she couldn’t get him to pose for pictures.

For Yakko, Fluffypants bought the black shirt, but everything else was homemade. Her feet and gloves were reused from a costume a few years ago. She bought fleece and made a giant pair of brown pants and the belt, and made the buckle out of fun foam. The head was made from a plastic canvas frame, chair cushion foam, and fleece. She stuffed floral wire in each ear so they were poseable. It was a pretty fun costume but she had absolutely no field of vision!

The Wheel is built on top of a lazy Susan so it would spin, shown here in this video.

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