November 27

Black Crafts for Black Friday

So now that you’ve stuffed your face, it’s time to empty your wallet! Or, if you’re looking to save some cash, it’s time to get crafting! In honor of Black Friday (the shopaholic’s national holiday and every retail worker’s worst nightmare) here are some Black Crafts (note: not Dark Arts, that’s a differnent blog all together).

Chain Chomp Hat

The Knitting Ninja posted this Chain Chomp Hat on her blog. Chomps may not be the most commonly knitted Mario Bros villian, but they are the ones that look the coolest when they appear to be eating your head.

Mad Dog Softie

Morus sewed this Mad Dog Softie from the book “Softies Only A Mother Could Love” and posted it on craftster. He’s not particularly geeky, but he’s freaking adorable in an “I’m gonna bite your face off” sort of way.

Jolly Roger Hair Combs

You can really make a statement with these gothic inspired Jolly Roger Hair Combs done by Ghostlovejewelry, currently available on etsy. They are available in a few different color combinations, including lime green on black, but the cutesy pink skull & crossbones against the black background really sends a message I can get behind “I’m cute, but don’t mess with me”.

Cat Lady Hat

Ok, so this one is black and white, but it’s still pretty awesome. While looking for fun black crafts to include in this posting I stumbled on the blog Gege Crochet and this cute Cat Lady Hat. Not only is the hat great, but the blog itself is incredibly entertaining.


Now, I don’t think I need to tell you that this little guy is totally adorable–but you should know that he also smells wonderful. Cfdesignz crochets these Aromigurumi dolls free-hand, and stuffs them with your choice of scented beads for a cute little buddy that subtly smells pleasant. (via etsy).

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