November 25

The Big Bang Theory Cross-stitch: Bazinga!

The Big Bang Theory Cross-stitch: BazingaHave I ever mentioned that my husband is a huge geek, yet not your typical geek? He’s obsessed with computers¬† but does not like sci-fi, comic books, or video games. You can all gasp in horror now. Watching The Big Bang Theory together is funny because I get all the geeky pop culture references and he gets all the actual science references. Everyone’s got their strong points, right? Anyway, I was *thrilled* to see this on Craftster tonight! Lady Leitzen stitched up Sheldon’s catch phrase, Bazinga. The little Star Trek hand is great and she even thought up ways to make this more awesome:

i think i might have to do another one, but if i do, i’d change the “i” in bazinga to a lightning bolt (for the flash), then around the lizard and spock i’d do a yellow rose (for texas) on each side, then the outermost flowers i’d change to double helixes, or atoms or something.

I might have to make this for my husband for Christmas :)

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