February 25

Hand-screenprinted Space Invaders T-shirt

Space Invaders t-shirt This is one geek craft that I actually made myself. I used a $40 screenprinting set I bought at Michael’s to do it. It has 3 invaders on the front right and a single invader on the back in the top middle next to the neck line. I did only one pass with white ink on a black tee and it looks kind of greyish – just like the original B&W Space Invaders arcade game.

I ended up doing about 10 shirts in various ink/shirt color combinations but none looked as good as the black and white. For the invaders, I simply used MAME and took a screenshot of Space Invaders and I enlarged it on-screen to the right size then I printed it out onto transparency paper and used that to make the screen.

It was my first attempt at screenprinting and it really did turn out great. It’s one of my favorites tees – all the better cause I made it myself.

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Posted February 25, 2008 by Brian in category "Craft", "Geek", "Sci-Fi", "Video Games

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