January 16

Ten Great “Tux” the Linux Penguin Crafts

What geek doesn’t at least respect Linux? And even if you aren’t a fan of the OS, who doesn’t love Tux the Linux Penguin? I know I do! So here are ten of the coolest Tux projects I could find on the world wide web.

3D Tux Cake

For those of you with a sweet tooth, Joseph Hall posted this amazing 3-D Tux cake on his blog that he baked in his own apartment kitchen! He even includes step by step instructions and a list of things you will need if you decide to tackle this adorable and tasty project.



Crocheted Tux Keychain

A Tux-the-penguin you can take with you everywhere? Rin posted this adorable crocheted Tux keychain back in October. I just can’t resist a googly-eyed penguin.


Swarovski Tux

Just because you are a geek, doesn’t mean you don’t love bling! iso100 posted this Swarovski crystal Tux the penguin on Tech Source.


Sew Your Own Tux

The Free Penguin Project dares ask why Linux codes are free, but snuggly penguin patterns are not? I found this great free Tux-sewing pattern via Domestika on her blog, Domestik Goddess.


Origami Tux

If paper crafts are more your style, you will love this Tux origami found at Michal Kosmulski’s homepage. It takes a lot of origami paper, but it looks great as a finished product.


Print, Cut & Paste Tux

A simpler way to get a paper Tux to hang out on your desk was listed anonymously on Media Fire. It is a simple printout that only requires the skills we all learned in kindergarten–cut and paste!


Tux Bento

Some people take their food very seriously. MothHunter, a user at Tech Source takes his Tux-shaped. He posted an awesome Tux bento (bento like this is also called kyraben).


 Tux Chocolates

Who can resist a chocolate penguin? jikuykendall obviously can’t! This user posted these delicious looking Tux chocolates on Tech Source‘s weird/funny/cool Tux list.


Knitted Tux Binary Mittens

And last, but definitely not least, every Linux-loving-knitter‘s dream: Binary Code Tux mittens! Flibbertigibit Bunny created this awesome knitting pattern for a totally geeky, comfy pair of winter mittens! (Found via Crafty Crafty).

binary tux mittens

There are a ton of other great Linux and Tux related craft projects out there for the Linux lover (or penguin lover) in all of us, but these ten are the ones I just couldn’t resist. If you are a truly dedicated Linux user, there are a plethora of crafty opportunities out there for you, you can even incorporate Tux into your hair style, like Billymavenstone on Tech Source. Because that is some Linux-geek dedication!

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