June 15

READER SUBMISSION: Amigurumi Bacteriophage

e-coli killer Never heard of a bacteriophage? That makes two of us. Rachael Penzo wants to change all of that! Calling them “the coolest thing in the entire universe”, she explained that bacteriophage is, in fact, a virus that attacks bacteria, e-coli in particular. She made this adorable “Teeto” (T2 is a type of bacteriophage) to pay homage to these little e-coli killers, and sent me several pictures of her Amigurumi Bacteriophage from her photobucket account.

Sadly, Rachael doesn’t have them on a blog, so this picture will have to suffice. He’s a cute little “bug” isn’t he?

EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive! Rachael decided to feature TeeToo here on Craftster, so you can read more about him and see more photos! She also mentions that this little guy will be featured in the Science Museum‘s Stitched Science display in Central London.

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