July 5

Knitted Dalek Cushion

Via Crafty Tardis

I love the granny-chic charm of this (which I imagine to be sort of like shabby-chic only with more knitting and perhaps biscuits*!)

Crafty Tardis contributor love_shark_week made this, another Dalek and a Tardis knitted cushion in really striking colours.

She used knitpro to make the pattern. A pretty neat website where you can import any image and get it to draw you a knit, crochet or even cross stitch pattern! ooh… This would be great fun, except those are the three crafts that I don’t (yet) ‘do’ *sadface*

Anyhow, by the wonder blogging, go forth readers! go and make patterns for EVERYTHING.

*sorry ‘cookies’ pfft… I have no idea what American Grandmas do if they’re not eating rich tea biscuits, baking tea loaf and drinking tea.


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