July 5

Tutorial Tuesday: Replica of the 7th Doctor’s Umbrella!

Via Crafty Tardis.

The Livejournal Group Crafty Tardis has had some great work in it recently (that’s why I’m featuring a helluva lot of it) but this one really grabbed my attention because it’s something I’d never even CONSIDER doing myself, and it’s just such a perfect costuming prop! (and the 7th Doctor is one of the Husb0t’s favourites, he gets VERY defensive about Sylvester McCoy… I dont get it myself… we don’t talk about it)

Crafty Tardis Contributor kingpinwriter modified an umbrella to emulate that of the 7th doctor with great results. The walk-through includes spray-painting, drilling, sand papering and acrylic bending, all things which I’d be FAR too afraid to try myself, and would probably result in a call to the fire station. So well done for not causing any major injury to yourself or others KingPin :-) (perhaps I should stop measuring others by my own perceived ineptitude)

Adventurous Dr Who fans, go forth, craft yourself the most awesome rain protection device known to man…

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