July 14

Han & Leia Aluminum Cuff Bracelets

Han & Leia Aluminum Cuff BraceletsLove is in the air.

When I happened upon this set of Aluminum Cuff Bracelets, I knew I had to share them with all of you.  There is no better display of geek love as far as I am concerned.  I can remember watching Star Wars as a kid, and there was no one cooler than Han Solo.  With his cool, flippant attitude he taught me everything I know about love today.  Actually, maybe that’s a bad thing.

Etsian Annie Nygard’s shop, spiffingjewelry, features a slew of awesome stamped aluminum treasures.  It is definitely worth checking out.  She loves doing custom work, so if you have something in mind that you want you would be a fool to turn down this opportunity.  That’s right.  A fool.

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Posted July 14, 2011 by Pauly in category "Craft", "Geek", "Sci-Fi