July 15

Harry Potter Friday Roundup

Well, it’s finally here. The END, I mean. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II has launched and with it we here at GeekCrafts bring you an entire week of Harry Potter themed posts. Let’s start things off with a roundup, shall we?

Remember the “Whereabouts Clock” that Mrs. Weasley used to magically keep track of her various family members? Most often they would be at home, work, or traveling, though there were occasional brushes with “mortal peril”, as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your loved ones’ Twitter feeds to track their whereabouts? With your own Magic Clock, you can!

Whereabouts Clock

One of the more interesting side characters is Luna Lovegood. She’s so quirky and more than a little odd, but has a good heart. She also has a unique fashion sense. Channel a little Luna with this pretty crochet scarf from Sabina24 on Etsy. Also check out this lacy Luna scarf pattern from Melissa Helton on Craftster.

luna lovegood crochet scarf

This Instructables tutorial shows you how to convert old encyclopedias into Hogwart’s style spellbooks.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Spellbook

The “Daily Prophet” doesn’t just tell you the latest news in the wizarding world, it shows you – complete with moving pictures. Create your own digital moving pictures with this tutorial from Photojojo.

Harry Potter Moving Picture
Not everything in Harry Potter’s world is sparkly magical fun. There are Death Eaters, and they aren’t very nice. For those days when you feel a little “not nice” yourself, perhaps you should don your own Death Eater Mask. You can also make your own version of Bellatrix’s Death Eater Mask.

Harry Potter Deatheater Mask

In his first game of Quidditch, Harry had a heck of a time catching his first Golden Snitch. Perhaps this origami Golden Snitch will be easier for you to get your hands on.

Harry Potter origami golden snitch

Hopefully you have heard of the insanely popular and highly amusing Potter Puppet Pals. If not, go watch some videos, then come back, because you’ll definitely want to make your own crochet Potter Puppet Pal finger puppets, thanks to a free pattern from Melissa at Inner Child Crochet.

Harry Potter Puppet Pals crochet finger puppets

Speaking of PPP, check out this fantastic Snape puppet-plushie on Craftster! Doncha just wanna cozy up to it?

Harry Potter Snape Potter Pal Plushie

Another interesting side character is Mad Eye Moody. I would LOVE to read some backstory on him! Maybe Pottermore will provide that? Until then, maybe I’ll just have to stitch up this fabulous Mad Eye-patch from Kelly on Ravelry. There’s also a tutorial for a more realistic Mad Eye on Instructables.

Harry Potter Mad Eye Patch

And finally, we’ll wrap up this week’s roundup with some spellcasting. One of the more commonly used spells is “Lumos”. But what good is that spell if your wand doesn’t light up? Enter DadCanDo‘s tutorial on how to make a wand that lights up!

Harry Potter LED light up wands

What other Harry Potter crafts have you seen or tried yourself? Feel free to Submit a GeekCraft to let us know!


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