July 17

Wizard Plushie Pals

Harry Potter Wizard PlushiesBecause the Snape Potter Puppet Pal just wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving for magical fleece, I found another project for you: “Wizard” Plushie Pals by SaintAngel on Etsy.

They remind me of soft Weeble Wobbles!

Apparently SaintAngel is concerned about a call from the Ministry of Magic, Office of Copywriting Enchantments, because her plushies are named Henry, Ryan, Henrietta and the Great Bumblefloor.  But perhaps you can use a diving spell to figure out who they really are.

Looks like have featured SaintAngel’s work before – check out this post on Spike the Dinosaur!


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Posted July 17, 2011 by Angie in category Books, Craft, Geek, Movies, Toys