September 18

An Early Christmas Gift: Star Trek Ornaments

Star Trek Christmas tree ornament Fresh on the heels of the announcement that J.J. Abrams has officially signed on to direct ‘Star Trek 2’, I bring you another gift – Star Trek ornaments, a la Katie at Punk Projects.

Star Trek Nativity scene Delightful in their simplicity, these Star Trek ornaments go together easy-peasy-quick. Which means you can put a significant dent in that stash of bottlecaps and Scrabble letter tiles that *some* scrapbookers might have laying about (not pointing any fingers, and certainly not at myself!)

Might I add how much I love that Katie has a whole Christmas tree dedicated to Star Trek, AND a peg people Nativity scene??

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Posted September 18, 2011 by Angie in category "Craft", "Geek", "Sci-Fi", "TV

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