October 2

GeekCraft roundup: GIR!

My daughter is very into “Gir” these days – the sidekick from the Invader Zim cartoon. She’s hoping to pull together a Gir costume for Halloween. So in researching various DIY options, I pulled together this roundup of Gir crafts.

BehindtheSofa created her own Gir cross-stitch pattern, and stitched it onto a black hoodie.

Gir cross-stitch by BehindtheSofa

When I was a kid, I used to love Shrinky Dinks, so these Dog Gir/Robot Gir earrings by Lynn Aquaheart caught my eye.

Gir earrings

HarpyQueen posted a pic of her Gir cake at DeviantArt, complete with fondant piggie!

Gir cake by Harpyqueen

Lanikins posted her Gir crochet pattern over at Craftster – always nice to have a pattern when you find a cool project!

Gir crochet project

I love the little fruit roll-up tongues on these cute Gir cupcakes by FeatherFire520 (a very Gir-appropriate treat!)

Gir Cupcakes by featherfire520

While he does spend a lot of time thinking about cupcakes, I’m sure Gir also ponders the state of the environment on occasion. So he would be undoubtedly pleased with this upcycled Gir t-shirt pillow project by TheComfyGeek.

Gir pillow

Nezumish created a very impressive hand-carved Gir stamp – I could see my daughter really digging using this to decorate her school binder. Hmmm – perhaps a stocking stuffer?

Gir stamp

April Draven Designs has shared 2 Gir craft projects with us – a crochet Gir Bag and an Gir amigurumi project, in robot form. Both posted with patterns! (Note: for more links to geeky projects, check out this great amigurumi project archive at Craftster!)

Crochet Gir bag Robot Gir Amigurumi

And in what has to be the most unique Gir craft I found in my wanderings – a hand-painted Gir push-up bra. For all your world domination needs. Be sure to check out RainbowKidShop’s other hand-painted bra offerings in her Etsy shop.

Gir bra

And you? Are you a fan of Gir? Do you prefer his dog or robot form?


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