January 11

Desserts, Moustaches, Geekery

The tagline for Betty Turbo’s Etsy shop is: dessert, moustaches & muscles. Naturally, I approve. And that sort of sums up the content of her shop—her prints feature things like cupcakes and Parks & Rec’s furry-lipped Ron Swanson, and a variety of wrestlers. What this description omits, however, is the geekitude. (See, we got to the relevant part eventually.) Because, in addition to the aforementioned desserts, moustaches, and muscles, the shop contains awesomely geeky prints of Dr. Horrible quotes. And a Rupert Giles birthday card. And a Star Trek/Twin Peaks crossover. And the majorly spoiler-y Dammit Joss Whedon print, a visual compendium of major characters who died in Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible. (Don’t click if you don’t already know!)

Oh, and just because some of us (I’m not saying who) love him so very much, here’s a bonus card featuring everyone’s favorite undead Brit, Spike. I feel like this print would make a good inspirational message to tack up next to your mirror. Yes, Spike, go ahead and call me gorgeous every time I look in the mirror. I could deal with that…. Sorry, fantasy has taken over again.

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