January 31

High Scoring Mum-Make

This picture was emailed to be by Alea, who’s mom made these oven cloths. Pretty awesome, right? I’ll let Alea explain in her own words;

Basically I just asked her if she could crochet stuff like that and she said she’ll give it a try. Took her about a year to find the time to do it, but for me it was worth waiting. The funny thing is that although the Game Boys we used to have belonged to me and my sister, my Mom was the one playing Tetris all the time and setting the highest records.

Well Alea’s mom doesn’t have a blog, or an Etsy or even a flicker account, so I’m afraid for now this pic is all your getting (but if we all gang up I’m sure we can persuade her to show off her brilliantness a bit more). In the mean time, I’m jealous because my mum can’t crochet OR play Tetris….

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