February 18

Support Your Local Death Eaters!

Support Your Local Death Eaters!

Voldemort’s been defeated. Muggles are no longer tormented by wizards. There’s not many openings for experienced Death Eaters in the wizarding world today. What’s an unemployed DE to do? Since they weren’t qualified for unemployment benefits and the training they had previously was rather specialized, there weren’t too many options open.

Some were lucky. Word along Diagon Alley is that Lucius Malfoy became the new Spokes-wizard for one of the top hair care product companies. Some were not so lucky. Two of them, however, were rather crafty (pun intended) in their search for new careers and opened up a lovely craft shop on Etsy named Death Eaters Delights.  Owned by Dixiebell and Qui, they’ve put their passion for magic into crafty magic and have created some lovely items.

Dixiebell has recreated the text books from the Harry Potter Series as keepsake boxesto store your precious mementos and currently has several in stock.

Support Your Local Death Eaters!2It seems, that with so much extra time, the pair have discovered Muggle television and so Qui has recreated the Kitty Riley I <3 Sherlock buttons that are seen in the third episode of season 2 on BBC’s Sherlock series.

They offer other items as well ranging from pillows to masks and wands. So, please, stop by, browse, shop. Support your local Death Eater!

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