March 3

Hey Hey They’re the Monkees…

Hey Hey They're the Monkees...

…. and every week from 1966 to 1968, we’d tune in to see what antics they’d be up to. The four young musicians trying to make a go of it and the trials they met along the way. While they were the first of the manufactured bands, earning them the nickname of the “Pre-Fab Four” at one time. But they proved they were good musicians and ended up with quite a list of successful albums and concerts, at one time having a young man named Jimi Hendrix as an opening act for Hendrix’s first live tour.

Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones were not only great musicians but quite funny as well with comedy in their episodes that harkened back to the days of the Keystone Cops. When I was a preteen and young teen, they were one of the top bands going and, yes, I admit to having a fan crush on Davy as most girls my age did.

Oddly enough, one day my eldest daughter came into the house at that same age I had been raving about “a new band that was even on television in their own show”. Imagine my reaction when I heard it was a band called the Monkees. Yes, the four had become a hit again and my daughter inherited those vinyls from their original days which could be heard playing from her room for the next few months.

We lost Davy the other day, suddenly and surprisingly but the memories he and the other three gave many, especially me, will last forever.

In tribute to them, I found this free pattern for a Davy Jones crocheted block by Lee Mac of  Lee also has patterns for Mickey, Mike, and Peter, among others available at her site.

To the Monkees, thanks for the music and memories

To Lee, thanks for great patterns to remember them with.

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