April 15

Galactically Awesome Star Wars Shoes

hand-painted Star Wars shoes

Holy Mother of Meteors, these shoes are full of all kinds of sassy geekitude! I would so rock these.

Spied on Geek-lee-tist, these custom-made hand-painted Star Wars shoes are the handiwork of Holly Grothues on Etsy. I bow to her greatness – of painting ability, and geek-lovin’ creativity.

What I love is that she’s not married to Star Wars – she’s totally geek-friendly:

“I can do pretty much ANYTHING, from geekery (Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, etc.) other movies, animes, video games, etc. to general designs (stripes, polka dots, etc.), personalization (quotes, names, etc.) you name it!”

I would have a hard time choosing between Star Trek images and some Firefly quotes, but you can bet I’m going to start looking for the right pair of fabric-based heels!

And you? What custom order would you request for your own geek-tastic heels?

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