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August 13

Pokémon Amigurumi – Pin of the Week

cyndaquil ami


I actually came across Wolfdreamer‘s crochet patterns a few years ago, and I think they’re fantastic. This gorgeous Cyndaquil just popped up on my pinterest and I had to share it, as well as her other patterns, with you all. She not only has dozens of free Pokémon crochet patterns, she also has patterns for Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Bros, and lots of other wonderful characters to crochet. Thank you, Wolfdreamer, you’re awesome!

October 8

Pokemon Etsy Treasury


Pokemon is serious business in our house. It is one of the most treasured and sacred of our fandoms. Anticipation for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is high to say the least. I present to you this adorable Pokemon Etsy treasury. Don’t forget to click on through and check out your favourites! Which Pokemon game has been your favourite so far?

June 25

Pokemon Hair Bows

These adorable Pokemon bows were personally drawn and designed  by Riri. She then custom printed on fabric. After she has the fabric, she makes these cute bows, fantastic! I love that she created every step of the way, something she truly DIYed. pokemonbows

Want to see more of her creations? Of course you do! She has a tumblr you can check out! Who’s your favourite Pokemon?

June 4

Pokémon Cushions

pokemon cushions

What’s a better thing to do with your old bed sheets than to upcycle them into lovely cushions covers?

These Pokémon cushions are made by Alien Couture, an UK-based website and Etsy store. Of course, the shop doesn’t limit itself to just Pokémon. What about a gigantic Rainbow Dash or some retro Super Mario? They even sell a cushion made of a Jurrassic Park sheet I own myself (made in 1992, the year I was born)!

May 7

Pokemon Badge Shadow Box Perler Display

Check out this Perler Bead Pokemon Badge display that a friend of mine made a couple of weeks ago for his girlfriend’s birthday. Awwwwww.

Shadow Box Pokemon Perler Bead Badges

He’s displayed the badges in a shadow box frame, set out from the backing on a few extra beads for that 3D look, and finished it with a Pokemon blue and yellow surround. The lady in question is apparently a huge Pokemon nut, so hopefully really appreciated his efforts! Who said romance was dead..?

Good job, Chubbs :P

March 30

Pokémon Easter Eggs!

Pokemon Easter Eggs

pokemon 2

It’s Easter!! And what better way to celebrate than an Easter egg hunt with Pokémon eggs?! Gotta find ’em all!

Yaltro on Flickr made this fantastic selection of Pokémon Easter eggs, with food dye, sharpies and white out. The first lot were made in 2011 and the second lot in 2012… I hope there’s a third lot on the way this year!

Why not give it a go yourself this Easter? My favourites from this lot are Psyduck and Snorlax! Do you have any other ideas for geeky Easter Eggs?