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March 9

Avengers Book Marks DIY


If you’re stuck indoors with little ones this winter, I found this fun DIY that’s perfect.  Amanda Formaro on the blog Crafts by Amanda, has got this simple tutorial on making bookmarks out of popsicle sticks, craft paint, white out, and permanent markers.  They’re easier than they look, and you probably already have the supplies.  What’s even better is that for the super creative, it’d be really easy to take this project to the next level and create any of your favorite superheroes!

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August 20

Avengers Cocktails

Ok, so these recipes may seem only one shot of Sambuca short of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, likely to have you unconscious and shaking in a corner before you’ve even got to the God of Mischief, but how cool is the idea of Avengers-themed cocktails?!

Avengers Cocktails - Consume with care!

Consume sensibly. You might have to save the world later, and you don’t want to be too mashed to get your suit on.


July 26

Knit Avengers Dishcloth Squares

Captain-Rachel avangers

Tumblr user Captain-Rachel has been kind enough to put out patterns to knit all the Avengers as dishcloths. These patterns, include written instructions, and charts so you can have a cloth made with your preferred instructions. The list includes all the Avengers, the team logo, S.H.I.E.L.D logo, and a cleverly designed Coulson logo. All you need for your team of Avengers.

June 6

Avengers Amigurumi


Last week, I decided to crochet my way through the Avengers.  By combining two different Cthulhu patterns and nixing the tentacles, I managed to get the look I wanted.  I made Black Widow, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye.  Hawkeye was the most difficult to recreate since, in the film, he wears mostly black which makes him a bit more difficult to place than, say, Captain America.  Still, I added a little bow to give a heavy hint as to his identity.  The Hulk’s my personal favorite.  I just love his angry eyebrows.


May 23

Avengers Magic Puzzle Cube Papercraft

Avengers Papercraft Magic Puzzle Cube

Did you ever have one of those cool magic cube puzzles when you were a kid? The sort that you could kind of turn inside-out? I picked one up at a Science museum this weekend with solar system facts on it, and it got me thinking I’d quite like to make one of my own.

A quick Google later and I’d stumbled upon a pattern for making a papercraft version. So, as with most things, I decided to take the pattern and “geek it up” to create an Avengers Magic Puzzle Cube.

This cube features Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Agent Hill, Dr. Selvig, Loki and the Avengers logo. Yep – 12 images on one cube. Well, it is magic. Here’s a quick vid of it in action, in case you still don’t know what I’m talking about.

Want to make your own? I’ve uploaded the pattern I used especially for you guys. There aren’t any instructions, you just need to remember that each strip makes two adjoining cubes, and the labelled tabs then connect them all together.

March 15

Crochet Snail Avengers

Crochet Snail Avengers with Loki and Nick Fury

These adorable slow moving little world avengers showed up on my RSS feed yesterday courtesy of the Mary Sue and I had to know if there were patterns. It’s about time I dusted off my hooks. And there is a Coulson in the works?! Yes!  And patterns later this year? *crafty nerd dance* And while you wait for Laura to share the patterns, why not check out her Etsy shop, which currently still has a Hulk snail, and a set of avengers Scoodies