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February 21

Beast’s Rose

Beauty and the Beast is quite clearly the booknerd’s Disney film of choice, if for nothing more than the scene where he gives her a library. Best present ever. Plus (factoid of the week) the music is by the same guys who wrote Little Shop of Horrors.  Awesome, right?

FongTrooper over at the Replica Props Forum has made this amazing replica of the floating rose that acts as The Beast’s countdown timer. It’s a pretty simple make – an artificial rose suspended by invisible thread inside a bell jar, but it’s a lovely idea for a gift.

June 20

This Dad Takes Cosplay to A Whole New World!


I saw this on BuzzFeed and knew I had to share it.  This dad started out in fashion design, but discovered a whole new world in cosplay for his kids (and he and his wife too!).  He started by making a Fairy Godmother costume for his daughter to wear to Disney World, and it seems to have snowballed from there.  My favorite? The Belle peasant gown that transforms into her ballgown right in front of your eyes.  Seriously.

How incredibly cool is that? You may need to watch that a couple times, that transformation is so fast.

Want to see more, just check out @DesignerDaddy on Instagram for more of his creations.

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