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July 20

There’s a Dalek in my front yard!!!


Dulcet is a member of the Craftster community and recently posted about a surprise that her husband made for her: a Dalek for their front yard.

“Every time he rides his bike to work, he brings home metal stuff from the side of the road. We’ve been talking about him making something from them for quite a while. A few months ago, he got a crash course on welding from our neighbor who just happens to have a mig welder…The only things he purchased were the half-spheres, which are pipe caps. The eye-stalk in mounted in part of a truck hitch, and swivels up and down. The arm without the laser is made from a jack, and telescopes out. The head is a propane tank sliced up, with pieces of our broken garage-door-opener spring on top. The whole thing is four and a half feet tall.”

March 16

The Cutest Dalek Ever


Allison Bitter has a free knit pattern over at Ravelry for your baby: a Dalek jumper! (You may need to create a user name and password in order to download the pattern.)

“You don’t have to wait for the baby in your life to grow up to put him or her in a Dalek jumper! …you can choose which two colors you’d like to make it. It uses around 215-250 yards of yarn and will probably keep you busy for a while – just long enough to figure out how to avoid extermination.”

And once your baby becomes the scourge of the universe, this little jumper would go well with the Dalek onesie, featured here on Geek Crafts a little over two years ago by Rossie.

Allison actually uploaded her pattern to Ravelry in November 2011. For more of Allison’s patterns, check out her blog, A Bitter Knitter.


February 28

Cute and Cuddly Needlefelted Dalek

DalekOMG! Look at this adorable Dalek! I’m not sure I’ve ever used to words “adorable” and “Dalek” in the same sentence before.

As if he wasn’t cute enough, the banner just makes this.

Not only is it fabulous, there’s a tutorial to make your very own! Why stop at one? You could make thousands of them and help restore the Dalek  race.

Check out Jenny‘s Blog

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May 26

Dr. Who Dalek in Love Coffee Mug

Dr. Who Dalek in Love Coffee MugPERCOLATE!

Who wouldn’t love drinking coffee out of this amazing mug.  Daleks are not knowing for feeling emotion, so when two fall in love it is truly a special thing to behold.  Now you can commemorate this once in a life time occasion every morning while you drink your coffee.

The mug was made by Betwixxt on Etsy, and she has some other awesome gems in her shop like this K-9 mug or this Penguin mug with a twist!

April 30

Is that a Dalek dress?

Why yes, yes it is. Color me impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I’ll admit that Daleks kind of turned me off of Dr. Who at first. In fact, I first met them during a sewing project.

I was working on something challenging and the show was playing in the background.  My sewing project hit a frustrating snag and all I  heard in the background was that horrible >>EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE<< and I.just. got. stressed. out.

The way my story ended was with a poorly hemmed pair of fuzzy pig print pajama pants and a moratorium on Dr. Who in my house (or at least in my presence). I do not have the skill and tenacity of somevelvetmorning, who produced with sewing poetry (also known as sewitry).

She shares the step-by-step instructions with us to attempt to replicate her awesomeness.: