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March 23

My Little Pony: Dr. Whooves


Craftster user dfabbric made a cute MLP as the pony-fication (is that even a word?) of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to portray the Doctor.

“I’m really happy with how he turned out, though he looks a little angry. The pattern is by Valleyviolet. I hand knit his scarf and it’s removable.” dfabbric also has a blog, where she’s known as Diane, out of Alberta, Calgary.

Valleyviolet owns Violet’s Curious Miscellany over at Etsy, where the pony patterns range anywhere from $15-$45. And just in case a plush pony isn’t enough for you, check out the “Pony Creator” by General Zoi at Deviant Art.

December 7

My Little Mad Max: Pony Road


They say friendship is magic, but it is shiny and chrome too? Artist savethewailes obviously thinks so. Take a look at the amazingly detailed Mad Max My Little Ponies this artist has created. This has to be my favorite pony mashup ever.

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August 13

Famine Pony Cake…Ok, let me explain

Some time ago, my fantastic husband surprised me with a shirt from Shirt Woot that featured The Four Little Ponies of the apocalypse. Some girls like jewelry, some girls are into chocolate, I love me some creepy-end-times mixed in with beloved childhood toys. In case you haven’t seen the shirt, here is the image:

I try to be careful where I wear it. Once I was waiting for a table at a popular Sunday brunch spot  and a little girl was excitedly pointing to my shirt. Her grandmother was like, “Oh look! You like those don’t yyyy…” and then she must have spied the famine pony because she shielded the little girls eyes and walked away from me.


Sorry grandma and little girl! I didn’t mean to horrify ya’ll.

Anyway, I didn’t realize that there was a Robot Chicken (I know, I don’t have cable…) tie-in with The Four Ponies of the Apocalypse until I stumbled upon this wonderfully geeky blog called Geek Sweets (lives up to its promise, check it out, so cute) and I found a Famine Pony cake! So yay, you guys!  I mean, boo to actual famine, but… Yay Jenny at Geek Sweets and yay internet for bringing the weird stuff together.

If anyone knows more about the origin of these ponies, feel free to leave it in the comments. Like I said, I knew very little outside of finding the t-shirt to be hilarious and a sweet gift.

January 30

My Pet Virus by Shawn Decker & Some Awesome Vampire Crafts!


My Pet Virus by Shawn Decker is probably the funniest book you will ever pick up. Now, I admit, this isn’t something you expect to hear about a real-life-story of a kid with hemophilia who ends up contracting HIV through a blood transfusion, but that’s only because you don’t know Shawn Decker. Shawn has faced down his HIV positive status with a twisted sense of humor and a series of anecdotes that will challenge what you think you know about prejudice, AIDS and life as a teenager while making you laugh until your guts hurt.

In addition to writing My Pet Virus and performing in the band Synthetic Division, Shawn, and his HIV-negative wife, Gwenn travel the world educating people about AIDS and safe sex. They believe that if a “positoid” and a “negatoid” (Shawn’s terms–read the book and find out more) can make a sexually active marriage work, then maybe other people should be aware of how to do it, too. In addition, Shawn has recently finished his first fiction work, a story about vampires, and if you are anxiously awaiting the release, you will find updates at his blog Shawn & Gwenn: Blog.

Even though Shawn has just finished one of the more hectic times of year in his life, he agreed to sit down and answer a few questions for our Geek Crafts readers.

So you grew up in a small town as a hemophiliac, HIV positive kid who loved
Depeche Mode…did you ever see yourself traveling the US speaking publicly
about your cult-hit memoir and safe sex?

I really had no idea I’d be talking about my HIV status with my friends, let alone strangers.  At age 20, around the same time I definitively decided that Black Celebration was Depeche Mode’s finest album, I realized I wanted to open up about my HIV status.  At that point, I’d been diagnosed half my life, and it seemed like an exciting thing to do.  Also, I was inspired by Pedro Zamora, who’d been on MTV’s Real World reality show.  He was young, HIV positive and speaking at college campuses.  He passed to spirit a couple of years before I started educating about HIV, but I was able to meet his partner, Sean, and his roommate, Judd Winick, both of whom I thanked for the inspiration.
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May 16

Make Your Own MLP Inspired Pegasus Wings!


I’ve been up to my eyeballs getting ready for Planet Comicon in KC, and something I’m introducing this year is MLP (My Little Pony) Inspired Pegasus Wings. This great video tutorial by Anonymous Woodsprite Cosplay Accessories got me started (though I used this awesome video tutorial as more of a jumping off point to my own version). The video tutorial is fantastic and takes you step-by-step through making your own pair of pegasus pony wings, starting with what materials to use and how to make your own pattern.  There’s even a bonus section at the end on making a matching pair of pony ears.  So, get your MLP cosplay on and make some awesome MLP Inspired Pegasus Wings of your own!

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April 21

Introducing Beth Lynn!

bethlynnHello all!  I figured that since I’m brand new here, I may as well introduce myself!  (And introduce one of my most favorite projects, as well.)  I’ll be posting every Sunday afternoon, sharing my favorite geeky crafts from around the Internet!

As you may already have noticed, my name’s Beth Lynn.  I live with my husband Bryan, as well as four betta fish and a ridiculous collection of My Little Ponies, in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.  I’m working on a second masters degree, in Information Science, and when I’m not nose deep in homework, I’m doing some sort of awesome geeky craft project!  I’ve been geeky as long as I can remember – I was an early reader (my mom claims I started reading before I was 2!), I’ve been playing video games since the tender age of five, and my mom was a Trekkie, so I’ve always been surrounded by wonderful nerdy things.  I’ve also been crafting since I was tiny, making tiny puppets when I was 8 and making doll clothes when I was 12.  As I got older, I started making bigger projects, like blankets, stuffed animals, and costumes!

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