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April 17

ABC (Angry Birds Coffee)

On a recent weekend jaunt to Dublin, my lovely friend Gill was served this cup of amazing in The Art of Coffee, a little coffee shop she stumbled on. Gill assures me it tasted as good as it looked, once she had worked up the nerve to drink the masterpiece!

Coffee shop owner Ruslan recently won the 2012 Irish Latte Art Championship, and so is going on to represent his country in the World Latte Art Championships (who even knew such things existed? Wow!) so I’m sure we all wish him luck.

January 3

Tutorial Tuesday: Angry Birds Pig Plushie

crafters love angry birds… FACT

Craftster user Miss Jols shares with us a tutorial on how to make the bad guy we love to hate (but secretly love to love, and would love to squoosh!) out of green fleece!

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t make 6 of them, pile them up in the corner and throw stuff at them until you’d knocked them all over…  no? … just me then …

November 15

Tutorial Tuesday! Angry Birds Ball Game

Via Pinterest.

Homemade Beauties By Heidi brings us this fantastic tutorial for an Angry Birds can toss game.

This is great, kinda like angry birds in real life… means you and the kids can have a happy green-pig-smashing-time even when you’ve lost the charger for your Ipad.

I’d be so tempted to tell one of those parent lies, you know, “this is how we used to play angry birds when I was your age.” That kind of thing.

May 8

DIY Angry Birds magnet game

Because it is the #1 paid app in both the U.S. and the U.K., perhaps I should feel some geek-shame in admitting that I’ve never played Angry Birds, and in fact don’t even have it installed on my iPhone. I have only a few computer game addictions (my family calls me the Great White Chuzzle Hunter), and Angry Birds hasn’t made the list — yet.

But I know both my son and husband really love it, along with scores of others, including Punk Projects blogger Katie. She created a set of Angry Birds magnets, and kindly put together a super easy tutorial so you too can have your own set.

DIY Angry Birds magnets

You could of course adapt this idea to pretty much any platform game, such as Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong.

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