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July 4

Star Trek Beaded Curtain


LovelyMiss recently posted her Star Trek insignia beaded curtain at Craftster. It’s made of 12,267 pony beads strung on 36″ strands of 3mm macrame cord. Each strand is 141 beads, and there are 87 strands. She made the strands about 6″ longer than needed and then just tied them around the dowel. LovelyMiss put a little hot glue in the knots to hold them in place and then trimmed the ends. The cords are on a 36″ dowel and the curtain itself weighs about 10 lbs. She even painted the dowel as well.

LovelyMiss figured it too about 25-30 hours of beading, and then another 8 hours of prep work (measuring the beads and doing necessary math, making patterns, pre-cutting lengths of cord).

She even included her pattern in her post, in case anyone else wants to make one for themselves.

July 9



Are you familiar with PixelHobby? To quote their website:

PixelHobby is a new mini-mosaic craft. (…) PixelHobby designs are based upon small plastic tiles called Pixels. Pixels are available in over 300 beautiful colors. The molding process creates a soft plastic tile with a matte finish. (…) Each pixel location on a baseplate provides a small peg onto which a pixel is positioned. No adhesive is necessary to hold a pixel onto a baseplate since a snug fit occurs between the pixel and baseplate peg.

You can show your passion on 4×5 inch baseplates, but also use medaillon-sized plates. I’ve already spotted PixelHobby in my local crafts store, and in various online shops, including their own.

The PixelHobby website offers various designs. If you want something unique, get the PixelHobby Designer Lite and make your own pattern based on photos, art and other images. Or, recreate a sprite! One of my favorite websites for this purpose is Spriters Resource. And finally, nothing keeps you from going with the flow. Don’t use a design or pattern if you don’t feel like it.


Here’s a small preview of what you can do with the craft. Wacker00 is a real genious when it comes to PixelHobby and perler beading and you should definitely visit his DeviantArt!

May 7

Link’s Awakening Sprite Stitch

links awakening sprite stitch

Crafting and 8-bit video games are a perfect combination. You can use beading, quilting, and of course, cross stitching to spark a bit of life in your favorite characters.

At Sprite Stitch, it’s all about geeky stitching. User caslzelda created this scene from Link’s Awakening. I love the colored heart in the center of the piece.

April 9

Glass Beadwork Beads: Pokeball and Pac-man’s Inky

Last week Make: Craft featured a post on glass beadwork on wooden beads. As a bit of a dabbler in bead-weaving myself I was keen to have a go, and soon found myself wondering how to apply the technique to something geeky, as you do. What do you reckon to my Pokeball bead and Inky from Pac-man?

Glasswork beaded beads - Pac-man Ghost and Pokeball

It took some trial and error, and they aren’t the quickest of things to make, but enjoyable nonetheless. If you want to give it a go you’ll need lots of tiny seed beads (I used 3 mm), some tough beading thread and something to bead around. The tutorial uses wooden beads, but I used polystyrene balls from a craft store, so they are actually pretty lightweight.

The full beaded beads how-to can be found here. The tutorial is in Czech, but the images are easy to follow and you can see the Google Translate version of the page here.

If anyone has any suggestions for other spherical geeky things that could be beaded like this, post below!

April 2

LEGO Brick Spice Rack

lego spice rack

Crafting can clutter your house in the wink of an eye. You can decorate a whole wall with all the perler beading I’ve done in my life! Our house is pretty tiny, and I’m sure my boyfriend will get grumpy if I start filling the kitchen cabinets with yarn and felt, so I’m always on the lookout for crafts that are both geeky and useful.

SHIFT! has posted an amazing tutorial over at Instructables that certainly fits the criteria! He fabricated a spice rack that looks like a gigantic red LEGO brick. His inspiration came from an image by Dave Delisle, who has a whole website full of geeky concept art and ideas called Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

On a side note, it’s theoretically possible to make a 3.5 kilometers (or 2.2 miles) high LEGO tower before the piece at the bottom collapses. Those bricks are strong!

March 5

Skels and her Geeky Bead Weaving

I love Red DwarfHey there, geek-crafters. My name is Skels and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as another new writer.

I’m British, but currently living in Sydney, Australia. What makes me geeky? It could be my love of SciFi TV and movies, or my crafty habits as a self-proclaimed “tinkerer”. Or perhaps it’s the months and months of my life that I have invested in various MMOs over the years (sup, EU Argent Dawn WoW?!), or it could be that I’m currently studying for a degree in Natural Sciences in my spare time, you know, just for fun.

My all time favourite TV show is Red Dwarf, favourite game is Simon the Sorcerer, favourite movie is Twister and favourite colour is yellow. I like beading, drawing, photography, piano playing, baking, and jewelry making. I’m also a keen amateur astronomer; my most beloved posession is my 6″ Meade telescope.

I’ve been a fan of Geek Crafts for a while now, ever since discovering how to make pixel art keyrings and things out of teeny tiny seed beads. The great thing about pixel art is that it is so easy to reproduce with loads of different crafts – quilts, cross-stitch, bead weaving, pearler beads, even Lego. And who doesn’t love a little 8-bit nostalgia?!

8-bit Bead Weaving by Skels

If you want to find out more about bead weaving there are some really clear tutorials over at I used the square stitch for my designs, working with 3 mm seed beads and black waxed beading thread. And if you want some geeky designs to follow or inspire you feel free to check out my selection of keyrings and earrings: Click here to see the 8-bit beading set on Flickr.

Until next Tues, stay nerdy! And if you like, follow @Skels on Twitter. Cheers!