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April 5

Fully Knitted Captain America Cosplay


I crochet, so I can appreciate the time and effort that went into this costume: Cosplayer Fangirl Physics knitted this Captain America costume, for SacCon in March. It’s made entirely of assembled knitted pieces. She doesn’t carry the Captain’s shield, but she has a pair of knitting needles in her bag to fight freedom’s foes.

For more of her costumes, check out her Facebook page. Make it a point to scroll through her posts. She has an awesome end of last season cosplay of Beth from “The Walking Dead!”

March 2

Captain America Tie Dye DIY


I ran across this awesome tutorial on iLoveToCreate, posted there by Alexa.  The tutorial is great, and this technique is surprisingly easy.  I recommend watching the short, 3 minute video and reading the instructions.  It’s a little labor intensive, and messy, but so worth it, don’t you think?

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February 12

Captain America Clothing Crafts

Even though Captain America 3 isn’t scheduled to come out until 2016, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out in May, Steve Rogers would say that every day is a good day for Truth, Honor, and Patriotism!
Loki Mocks Captain America in Thor 2 from such-heights on tumblr

If you’d like to display your love for Captain America, there are several fashionable DIYs for you to do so!

First, Comm Couture created a freedom trifecta of Cap Pacs for herself and her two sons, in less than one day! She used some different colored felt , some straps, and voila!

Deviantart user AcidDaisy took the stars and stripes to a whole new level with her fashionable Captain America Dress. She also created an incredibly helpful tutorial on how to make your own as well!


Lastly, if you’re looking for a more subtle homage, Tumblr user Tehnakki came up with a beautiful floral emblem of Cap’s Shield to decorate her sweatshirt with, making it a wonderful example of geek chic. She’s posted the pattern shapes she used, as well as a pdf with detailed instructions for everyone who’d like to try it themselves.

Captain America Floral Sweatshirt

Hopefully that was enough of the First Avenger for you! Happy crafting!

October 13

DIY Halloween Costume: Captain America

Captain America costume

So how is your Halloween costume coming along? I actually have a Halloween costume party to go to this year, and think I may just go easy on myself with a premade Star Trek uniform that I already have, unless I’m inspired by something else I happen along. In case you’re still looking for inspiration, perhaps this Captain America costume is just the thing?

Michele of The Scrap Shoppe provides easy step-by-step instructions for converting a simple children’s sweat set into heroic form, and I would think it would be just as easy to apply to adult-size sweats. I love her idea of masking off the star shape for painting, though it might look neat with a white felt star hand-stitched on, too.

Be sure to click through to see her instructions for making an adorable Thor costume, too!

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March 22

Knit Your Own Captain America Sweater

A pattern for a Captain America  Knit  hoodie was recently released byethylated-spirits. Look at your hoodie, now back to this one, your hoodie, this one. Don’t you wish this was your hoodie?

Using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless yolk sweater as a template;  she created this sweater to keep you warm, as you Avenge the world. So what are you waiting for? Snatch up this free pattern and get working.


Are you knitting yet?


February 26

Captain America Clips

It’s pretty apparent that I really like Captain America. He’s my favorite Avenger. With the Avengers movie quickly approaching, I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a Captain inspired outfit. One of the most iconic pieces of his uniform (aside from the shield), are the wings on the side of his helmet. I decided that I was going to make my own version of those wings.

With some left over felt I had from other crafts, I cut out a pattern of the wings that I created. In order to get the to be able to clip in my hair, I cut a small opening on one side to slide the snap clip through. Hand-stitching two pieces of felt together I left the top open a little so that I could add a little bit of stuffing. Not a ton, just enough to give the clip a little plump. Lastly, I hand-stitched the lines to define the wings a bit more.


Overall, I think they’re going to be an excellent addition to my outfit for the midnight release of The Avengers. It was a really easy and super cheap craft.