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March 17

Life-Sized Papercraft Zelda

zelda_life_size_papercraft_2_by_minidelirium-d5x1ptd-e1362692038410Zelda’s come along just in time to make sure your life size cardboard Iron Man doesn’t get lonely!

“Minidelerium, a Swedish papercraft hobbyist, made this kickass Zelda figure in 126 hours, which is three weeks of working 8-5, Monday through Friday. (She then gave Zelda away, which seems so sad.).” But never fear…if you need your own life size Zelda and want to take a crack at it, it looks like you can get Minidelerium’s template from Paper’s Juke.

You can see more of Minidelerium’s work over at Deviant Art. “I build papercrafts to keep myself occupied, relax and keep my fingers nimble. all my papercrafts up until Midna has been with 80g/m paper, so I’d say I’m pretty good at this by now. ^_^ however, I’ve now started to work with thicker paper and I’m loving it! it’s so sturdy and easy with the thicker paper. I wouldn’t recommend thin paper if you want good and durable results. it buckles too easy.”

February 6

Everything Alice Book Review, Craft and Giveaway!

***Update! We have a winner! bunnysmommy!! Congrats!***

When I heard that there was an Alice book to review I jumped at the chance, and begged. I have loved everything Alice (how fitting!) my whole life.Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes & Bakes by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech is a truly beautiful book. Even if you aren’t crafty but love Alice, this would still be a good book to own as the pictures and projects are stunning.I actually made two projects from Everything Alice to show you. The first one is so simple, even a non crafter can do it. No, really. It’s called Dress Me Alice and White Rabbit. This project is so simple, that you can even cheat a little, which I totally did. They say to copy the pictures and then glue them onto thin cardboard. I simply copied them onto white cardstock and cut out the middle man. The downside to this is that you really have to bend the spine to get the book to lay flat enough to copy it without shadows and stuff on the sides.

Paper dolls but even more fabulous!

I also made the Cheshire Cat handwarmer. I sewed it by hand and you can tell I am by no means a seamstress. It was fun to make though so that really is all that matters. I’m going to actually keep mine in the freezer for headaches.

The Cheshire Cat is my favourite character in the books so that project was a no-brainer. Now, for a chance to win your very own copy of this book let me know in the comments who your favourite Alice character is. One winner will be chosen at random on Feb. 13.

January 26

Newspaper Box Robot

I was in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon last week and saw this mini-spectacle on Main St., right in front of a sandwich shop. Someone used dryer vents, cardboard, tin foil, duct tape, and a little crafty ingenuity to robotify this plain old Hillsboro Argus newspaper box! I was totally charmed, and my two-year-old LOVED it.

January 15

I (heart) Lightsabers Postcards

I (heart) Lightsabers PostcardsLast night I was doing some very important garden gnome research (seriously!) and came across The Nerd Nook on Etsy run by a husband and wife team. I bought this hand-carved gnome stamp for my own collection and then browsed through the entire shop to find all sorts of geeky carved stamps and paper goods, including these I (heart) lightsabers postcards, perfect for any Star Wars fan. You should also check out their clothing shop, Ten Shades of Awesome, full of geeky t-shirts.

January 3

‘Inception’ Paper Sculpture

inception_paper_cuttingCheck out this paper sculpture of THE coolest fight scene ever!

ld posted this over at Craftster, with bigger pictures on LiveJournal. Inspired by the hallway scene of Inception, it’s made out of a single piece of card stock, with no adhesives. I absolutely love this, because it’s 1) an amazing piece of art and 2) because this is my favorite scene in the whole movie. When I saw the thumbnail on Craftster, I immediately knew what it was.  ld has even more amazing Inception paper sculptures at LiveJournal, and they are just as cool.

October 8

Cross-stitching smileys; inspiring minds

About one million years ago I cross-stitched a whole bunch of forum smileys/emoticons and attached them to note cards for a massive Internet forum-based snail mail exchange. At the time I was pretty sure that what I was doing was ridiculous, but I was having fun, and these were only people on the Internet anyway, so who cared, right?!

Cross Stitch Emoticons

Today I received the nicest letter from one of the recipients that I’ve actually kept in touch with after all these years. In it, he explained that crafting had never occurred to him before he received my card, but that he loved it so much he tried out cross-stitch for himself (he actually sent me his first attempt – a Half-Life lambda icon), and that led to him trying out other crafts and projects from knitting, to papercraft, to electronics, and beyond!

So really what I wanted to share with you today was the thought that even though I was sure my little cross-stitch pixel-art cards were daft, they actually inspired someone out there to explore their own creativity, and that is AWESOME.

So keep crafting, folks – inspire away! And you know, looking back I reckon those emoticon cards were actually a pretty cool idea. If I do say so myself :)