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May 9

Fandom Cats

Fandom Cats

Again and again, I saw adorable, little drawings of fandom characters as cats.  There were Supernatural cats, Sherlock cats, and Avengers cats.  It didn’t take long for all those cats to go to my head.  I couldn’t help but try to recreate some of their cute cattiness myself.  Castiel Cat and Dr. Horrible Cat are the results.

I drew their plushie patterns myself and made them with fleece and felt.  I tried to use fabric glue to attach Cas’s coat.  That was a mistake.  I ended up sewing most of their pieces together, but I was able to hot glue their eyes, hair, and noses.  I’m happy with the results.  They’re the cute, cuddly, and (slightly) silly looking representations of all those adorable, Internet kitties I had prancing around in my head.


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August 15

Fashionable and Functional! A Supernatural DIY Skirt.


It may look like a simple and graphic geometric design, but there’s something really cool about this skirt: It’s actually a Devil’s Trap from the show Supernatural.


What’s even cooler than this skirt? How about making your own? Blogger, Kat, from If Lies Were Cats You’d Be a Litter, has got a great step-by-step tutorial for making your own Devil’s Trap skirt.  The pictures are a little blurry, and the measurements are all in centimeters. However, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.  Kat uses ribbon to decorate her skirt, but narrow, white bias tape might work just as well. If you’ve got a little sewing know-how already, then this project is perfect for you.  Besides, you never know when you might need to whip off your skirt and catch yourself a demon.  Woah.

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April 18

Make A Keyboard Kitty!


Looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea you can make yourself? How about this sweet Keyboard Cat from Urban Threads? The tutorial takes you step-by-step through making your keyboard wrist rest. They use two separate hand embroidery patterns (available for purchase, $1 each) to embellish the cat’s face (the glasses) and the front of the wrist rest (ehem . . . what I would say is the kitty’s posterior) with the words “I’m adorkable”.  It’s a fun and simple project that is bound to be a hit with anyone, especially hard-working moms.  The hand embroidery and stitching on this one is pretty simple, and I’d say it’s safe for any beginner to tackle. Plus, you could use just about any combination of fabric color and thread color too.

Go forth and conquer, stitchers!

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November 23

Cat Christmas Gift: Meowlnir

Meowlnir cat toy by With Our Powers Combined

Looking for a holiday gift for a four-legged bestie? Be s/he worthy, perhaps Meowlnir is just what you need.

The cool cats over at With Our Powers Combined have put together a tutorial on how to make feline-friendly replica of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. It’s so cute, it would make a great stocking stuffer for the less furry on your holiday list as well!

What other geeky pet toys have you crafted up? Share ideas in the comments section below!

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April 13

Star Wars Crafts: Amigurumi Wampa

Star Wars Amigurumi Wampa by Mysterious Cats

When I was a kid, I was pretty scared during the scene when the Wampa attacks Luke in “The Empire Strikes Back,” but who could be scared of this little guy? Hook yourself up with this great amigurumi Wampa pattern from Ana at MysteriousCats.

Also be sure to check out her other Star Wars patterns: Tie Fighter, Imperial Walker and other Star Wars ships.

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March 18

Star Wars Crochet Ships: Amigurumi Patterns

I’m mystified by people who can crochet good amigurumis, doubly mystified by those who can compose their own patterns (what are you, a wizard or something) and triply impressed by those who then have the patience to record and write those patterns down.  So what I’ve got for you today is just all POWPOWPOW.

MysteriousCats sells various amigurumi patterns via their Etsy shop so that if you are the sort of person who prefers to spend time on that first POW, M’Cats has you covered on the later two. Star Wars Patterns