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August 22

Is it Too Early To Start Decorating For Halloween?


It’s probably too early to break out the Halloween decorations (it’s August when I’m writing this), but I honestly LOVE Halloween, and I CAN’T WAIT.  So, I thought I’d share this cool Ping Pong Ball Ghost Light Tutorial from Meredith at  It’s a bit of a riff on the traditional cheesecloth ghost decoration (I made these every year growing up as a kid).  Meredith uses ModPodge instead of Fabric Stiffiner, but I imagine either would work for this project.  You’ll find step-by-step instructions with great photographs on her website.  It may be too early to start decorating for Halloween, but it can’t be too early to start making the decorations, can it?!

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August 24

Make Your Halloween Yard Decor EPIC This Year


I’m growing tired of summer and am totally ready for the Fall to begin. So, I’ve been hunting down more and more Halloween craft ideas. When I ran across this one, I knew I had to share it with you guys. I haven’t tried this yet, but the instructions make it sound super easy, and the effect is delightful. Can you imagine a half dozen of these man-eating beauties on your porch this year? Check out the full tutorial by Shirley Bovshow in the Garden Crafts section of the Eden Maker Blog. And be sure to share the results of your fabulous Halloween decorating!

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June 1

Home Decor: Maleficent Dragon Trophy

Paper Mache Maleficent dragon trophy by Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder

In honor of the “Maleficent” movie premiere this past weekend, I wanted to share an amazing project by Dan “the Monster Man” Reeder: Maleficent Dragon Trophy. It was a custom commission project which he sold for $2000.

Dan used paper mache to recreate the head of the Maleficent dragon head, and mounted it like a wall trophy – clever idea and goregous reproduction! Impressive attention to detail with glass eyes and LED lights to make it extra ominous.

Have you seen the new Maleficent movie yet?

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January 25

Futurama Decor

I’m a HUGE Futurama fan, and everytime I see the episode “I, Roomate” I see this cross stich and think, I HAVE TO MAKE THAT!

I haven’t made it yet, but I am one step closer. I fired up KXStitch, which is an awesome Linux program where you can create your own cross stitch patterns.  I made this pattern, and thought I’d share it with you, my fellow geek crafters.  Hope you like it.

Click here to go to pattern!


Anybody know any other pop culture cross stitch waiting to be done?


January 4

Make your own robot. (or as least decorate your own)

Who doesn’t want their own personal robot? Well check out this cute little guy, Wendell.

I love that he comes as a blank slate, so you can decorate him any way you want. He’s also open source, so you can program him to do your bidding.


And check him out dressed as Michael Jackson doing the thriller dance.


November 24

Geeky Gingerbread Xmas Tree Decoration

Seeing as there are now only 30 days till Christmas I reckon that we need some geeky Christmas decoration inspiration.

Where better to start that with some Tree decorations?

Claire (maxxev on Craftster) has started already by making some amazing geek gingerbread men.

Made by painting up a pre-made gingerbread shape with under-glaze, she is currently waiting to get them glazed and fired.

From super heroes to Star Trek she is a true geek crafter and well worth a look.