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August 15

Duct Tape and Cardboard Dinosaurs and Dragons (Oh My!)

dinosaur heads

Veggisaurus on Imgur has been posting photos of his work for an upcoming con: duct tape and cardboard dinosaurs. But recently, he added a new creation: Toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon.”

toothless head

I couldn’t find Veggisaurus on Etsy so I don’t know if he sells these heads, and I even tried that reverse Google image search…no luck on finding out anything more about him. How an artist of that caliber is hiding is beyond me, especially when you consider where he level of work was two years ago.

I guess the closest thing available would be the Dinosaur Corporation: But does your child have the ultimate dinosaur bedroom accessory-a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor head wall mount onto keep them safe and sound? Dinosaur Wall Mount Replicas are beautifully detailed, it’s made of high quality resin and mounted securely on a wooden trophy plaque.

December 17

The Vanilla Studio – Dinosaur Menorahs

It’s time for Hanukkah! And what says Hanukkah more than a metallic painted toy dinosaur?

Lisa Pierce of The Vanilla Studio makes hand crafted menorahs from plastic prehistoric animal toys.

Menorasaurus Rex

In silver or gold tone, these menorahs are fancy, shiny, and downright fun. Lisa also offers candle holders for your year-round lighting needs. And, according to Lisa’s Etsy profile, it sounds like more exciting projects are underway.

We created The Vanilla Studio years ago as an empty container to hold our creative dreams and endeavors. It’s currently a home for a menagerie of hand-crafted animal menorahs. Stay tuned to see what else we put in the box!

Other fun menorah links:

Hand Carved Sea Monster Menorah by aerosquirrel

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Industrial Pipe Menorah by Jonah’s Pipeworks

Dragon’s Wing Menorah by HL Sculpture

March 12

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

Spring is finally approaching! It’s time to get out spades from the shed and focus on a gardening craft.

Besides strawberries and rhubarb, I have never managed to get anything past the state of seed, but for those who can’t keep their cauliflowers from their broccoli, I present you these Dinosaur Plant Markers. Katie posted a tutorial for this simple, yet elegant project at Punk Projects. So, head over there and get your hands dirty!

December 6

Tutorial Tuesday: Dinosaur Necklace!

Via Craftster

So, here’s something every self-respecting geek-crafter needs to know.

Shrink plastic can be anything you desire.

And like a towel, a pair of pliers are essential kit you should never leave the house without.

Craft blogger Cthuliz shows us all how to make her awesome shrink plastic dinosaur necklace in this great tutorial.