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August 13

DIY Snow Globe Necklace

snow globe necklace2

Desiree Campbell, of The 36th Avenue blog, posted this fun little tutorial for when you’re staring to feel a little Christmas-y. It was created by Jen at Eat. Sleep. MAKE. Jen’s made this a super easy tute, and she even gives links where you can order the materials needed, if you can’t find them locally.

However, if you’re not crafty enough (perish the thought!) to make your own Snow Globe Necklace, you can always order one from Brass and Thread.

October 17

Go Old School With This Halloween DIY


If you’re into the classic, Victorian, and vintage style Halloween decorations, then you’re going to love this tutorial from DIY Home Sweet Home where you can make your own Halloween themed cloche using the simplest of materials. The tutorial only covers making the cloche itself, so filling it will be up to you and your imagination.  If you need ideas, then try looking at these terrariums to start! Use your homemade cloche to display Halloween scenes, vintage inspired ephemera, miniatures, and anything else you can think of.

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August 15

Fashionable and Functional! A Supernatural DIY Skirt.


It may look like a simple and graphic geometric design, but there’s something really cool about this skirt: It’s actually a Devil’s Trap from the show Supernatural.


What’s even cooler than this skirt? How about making your own? Blogger, Kat, from If Lies Were Cats You’d Be a Litter, has got a great step-by-step tutorial for making your own Devil’s Trap skirt.  The pictures are a little blurry, and the measurements are all in centimeters. However, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.  Kat uses ribbon to decorate her skirt, but narrow, white bias tape might work just as well. If you’ve got a little sewing know-how already, then this project is perfect for you.  Besides, you never know when you might need to whip off your skirt and catch yourself a demon.  Woah.

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August 1

T-Shirt DIYs for Back To School


Back to school time doesn’t have to suck.  Make your own (or someone else’s) wardrobe super cool with these fantastic T-shirt ideas from Natalie over at Doodlecraft.  She uses freezer paper to make stencils and paint designs onto t-shirts.  You can download some of the designs she features on her blog, but it wouldn’t take much to come up with your own.  Once you have your design, you can make a stencil out of freezer paper (either with a cutting machine or with a little elbow grease and an exacto knife). The cool thing about freezer paper is that you can iron it onto fabric and it sticks into place, making it the perfect stencil.  Once your design is painted on and dry, you simply peel off the freezer paper and your custom t-shirt is ready to go.  The blog post takes you step-by-step through the process, complete with awesome pictures.

What designs would you want to make for your own back-to-school wardrobe?

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March 21

Become Master of Catan with This DIY Game Set

Settlers of Catan board by Aaron Day

Got some wood resources? Make your own Settlers of Catan board, using a single 2×4 block of wood!

Inspired by Summer Woodworking’s annual 2×4 challenge to make something out of a 8? framing 2×4, Aaron Day set out to recreate one of his favorite games from college, Settlers of Catan. The project entailed a massive amount of work and know-how, which he highlights in a video on his site.

I was impressed with his attention to detail and perseverance, right down to creating the playing cards out of wood shavings. I also loved that his kids made appearances in the video – yay for involving kids in geekcrafting adventures!

Via ManMadeDIY.

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February 28

DIY RPG Dice Earrings

dice earrings by Amy Ratcliffe

Roll 20 for charisma with these role-playing game dice earrings designed by Amy Ratcliffe – she’s written up a quick 5-step tutorial that make you the hit of your next campaign!

It would also be easy enough to adapt the tutorial to make a keychain, should you (or your gift recipient) not be the earring-wearing type.

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