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January 25

Futurama Decor

I’m a HUGE Futurama fan, and everytime I see the episode “I, Roomate” I see this cross stich and think, I HAVE TO MAKE THAT!

I haven’t made it yet, but I am one step closer. I fired up KXStitch, which is an awesome Linux program where you can create your own cross stitch patterns.  I made this pattern, and thought I’d share it with you, my fellow geek crafters.  Hope you like it.

Click here to go to pattern!


Anybody know any other pop culture cross stitch waiting to be done?


December 26

Futurama Crochet Doll Patterns!

Okay, okay.  As 2012 breathes down our neck and we think about the future, what better to get you feeling cozy about it then some Futurama dolls?

Admittedly, I’m not linking to anyone but myself  (Hooked Hands) today, but I used to sell these Nibbler and Leela dolls on Etsy, and the powers that be (the lawyers representing Futurama) told me and everyone else on Etsy to stop selling Futurama inspired crafts.  They cannot however keep me from giving away those patterns to you!  I wrote them up and put them on my blog, so I decided to share them here. Happy New Year everyone!

July 2

Futurama Bender and Leela Cosplay

One of the highlights from a Halloween party I attended this past year was a life-size, true to Futurama canon, EtOH fueled Bender being in attendance. Over six feet tall, Bender was skillfully crafted from household items. Futurama Bender Leela Cosplay Costume


Regretfully, there are not any pictures of the interior of the EtOH cabinet that was custom crafted for this Bender unit.


I can, however, attest that all one needed to do was open the chest compartment, insert an appropriate adult beverage, connect it to the intake hose, and then Bender was able to party on with hands-free operation. Of course, Leela was around to keep an eye on Bender! ‘An eye’ ha…ha…ha…


June 20

Futurama Glasses

New Futurama starts Thursday! I’m a little obsessed with the show, so both of my posts this week will be Futurama stuff. Today we have Futurama etched glasses! PimpernelSmith made these for a show obsessed friend, and I love that the images used that aren’t just the characters faces. The Zoidberg glass made me laugh out loud! Hypnotoad is at the bottom of each glass, to compel the drinker to refill. All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

February 12

Futurama Amigurumi Zoidberg

Futurama Amigurumi ZoidbergNew Craftster user Loefferst (I love finding new users!) came up with this design herself for an amigurumi Zoidberg from Futurama. She was also nice enough to share the pattern, so click through to see her post if  you want to make your own. I’m in love with the teeny tiny felt clothes and accessories. And for those who aren’t Futurama experts, Loefferst says:

For those of you who are confused as to why there is a blue Zoidberg there is a parallel universe episode.