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March 14

Make Your Own Harry Potter Kindle Cover


Thanks to the crazy Black Friday sales this past November, I got an uber cheap Kindle Fire for the holidays.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for some kind of cover or sleeve to make for my new toy, and I found this great tutorial.  It’s a DIY Harry Potter Kindle Covers tutorial by Jess at Practically Functional. The tutorial has lots of great pictures and takes you step-by-step through the entire process of making these cute Kindle Covers.  You’ll need to come up with your own pattern pieces, but everything’s made from felt which is a pretty easy medium to work with.  Plus, you can size this DIY to fit whatever e-reader (or tablet, or phone, etc . . . ) you want. What’s more, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could adapt the pattern for a character from another House too.

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March 4

Mario Paper Craft

Hi Geek Crafters! I’m writing you from the fair city of Austin today, in town for SxSWEDU. If you are an Austonian and have any recommendations for great vegan places to check out, tweet them at me.

In the mean time, let’s talk about papercraft! Specifically, this magnetic SuperMario papercraft below (do you see the sneaky friend visiting us from a different game, by the way?).Super Mario Paper Craft

If you are more of a Bowser kind of person, there is a papercraft for you as well. Laboratory 424 has step-by-step instructions instructions if you want to try your hand at this project. An important caveat: this project may not be ideal for young–ish children, as the neodymium magnets are intense, and they can seriously pinch little fingers.

January 19

Metroid Cross-Stitch iPhone Case

Hi, everyone! Today I’m in the mood to show off, a little. My husband’s a major Metroid fan, having played pretty much every Metroid game out there and even found a Metroid-themed drink, in the past. So when he joined the dark side got an iPhone, and I offered to cross-stitch him a case, I should probably have expected that he’d want an 8-bit Samus.

I basically copied the Samus Aran cross stitch from Azay’s Video Game CraftHaven. I admit: it’s a lot harder copying a finished piece than working from a pattern, for some reason. Which is to say, yes, anyone looking super closely will notice that I got a pixel flipped, but, uh, just don’t tell my husband, eh? ;)

Here are a couple of other Metroid-themed crafts from the past:

March 1

Spock Felt Gadget Case

Spock Felt CaseHelp your electronic gadgets live long and prosper with this highly logical wool felt case featuring Star Trek poster boy, Spock.

Made by a mother-and-daughter team, Sarah and Luiza, the talented pair offers numerous geeky gadget cases through their Etsy shop Nokomomo

Star Wars fans can rock a Stormtrooper design, while Nintendo loyalists can show their pride with colorful Super Mario Bros. motifs. If I had an iPhone, though, their awesome David Bowie case would be mine in a heartbeat.