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October 3

A Spooky Photo Tutorial For You to Try


We’ve all seen those spooktacular photos where the subject is somehow levitating. If you’ve wondered on how you can achieve the effect, then this tutorial from Jodie and Jen on will give you some great tips. You’ll need a tripod for the best results, and you’ll need to know how to use Photoshop as well (the tutorial is great, but clearly intended for folks who are familiar with the photo editing program already).  The possibilities are endless though, and the photo shoot itself would be loads of fun.  Kick your Halloween spirit into high gear with this delightful idea, and be sure to share the results with your friends here at Geek Crafts.

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September 29

Halloween: Minecraft Jack-o-lanterns

Minecraft Creeper Pumpkins

‘Tis the season of ghosts and ghouls and creepy jack-o-lanternsHalloween is just over a month away! What could be creepier than a Minecraft Creeper jack-o-lantern? Brenda Ponnay has you covered with an easy tutorial for making your own creepy Creeper pumpkins (or other vegetable).

I thought it was interesting that she was inspired by the green produce from her local farmers’ market, and that she used other vegetables in addition to pumpkins. Who would have thought of a Halloween green pepper?? Clever!

Sadly, my kids are past the days of decorating pumpkins, though I remember some fun Pokemon pumpkins from back in the day. What will you be carving your pumpkin into this year?

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December 11

Awesome Pac Man Crafts

Lovely lady k4tr1n4 has made an amazingAwesome Pac Man t-shirt new interactive t-shirt perfect for little boys and big boys alike! The little white dots are made of velcro and the super cute ghosts are made out of felt so they can be stuck and unstuck to your hearts content.

Alternatively, the girly girls out there might prefer a little cross stitch with their retro gaming… Craftster CaribouOnTheSea got a little carried away with her Pac Man scheme and made this wonderful and ‘punny’ project.

  • Pac Man cross stitch 

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September 13

Tutorial Tuesday: Goomba Dishcloth

Valerie from Der Himmel ist Grau (The Sky is Grey… in case you’re wondering) sent in a link to her blog.

Just so you know… she’s a crochet dishcloth pixel art ninja.

She’s made up crochet/knitting charts so that you too can crochet dishcloths adorned with goombas, koopa troopers, yetis, pac men and yummy yummy ghosts. Go for it!