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February 16

Geek Chic Clothing DIY Roundup


These days more and more people are rocking their personal geek chic style than ever before. So I’ve rounded up some fun DIY tutorials on starting (or adding to) your own geek chic wardrobe for everyday fabulousness. Take this awesome gathered skirt tutorial from the blog Set to Stunning by Lindz and Scruffy. It’s an easy-to-follow tutorial with pictures, and the idea is so simple you can use any fabric you want. Heck, make a bunch of these beauties, one for every day of the week if you like.


If sewing isn’t your thing, then perhaps peel-n-stick is more your style. Maya Murillo from the blog I Love to Create has a quirky and quick video tutorial on making your own sequin Godzilla shirt, no sewing required. It’s a cute idea, and another one you can easily customize without a lot of effort. She uses Aleene’s Peel and Stick Sheets to adhere the sequined Godzilla to a t-shirt. I haven’t used the product myself, but it’s gotten some mixed reviews. If you want an alternative, try Wonder Under Fusible Web. All you’ll need is an iron. Be sure the fabric you’re using for the Godzilla shape is ironing friendly, however (so, maybe glitter instead of sequins).



If you’re feeling a bit more artsy, then Alessandra from The Sparkle Queen has a nice photo tutorial on making your own galaxy shirt with a hidden TARDIS using bleach and paint. The process is similar to another technique featured here on Geek Crafts. Though Alessandra uses acrylic paints, if you’re looking for something that won’t change the hand of the fabric as much (you know, make your shirt feel a little crunchy once it’s all done), try some fabric paints designed to have a softer feel on fabric once dry. I’ve used Pebeo fabric paints before with good results myself, but there are tons of products out there available at your local craft store. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous try out Dharma Trading online for some really excellent fabric paints, techniques, and tutorials. You can even get clothing blanks from them too.

Have fun spicing up your wardrobe!

August 16

Re-Directed Art By David Irvine

Some paintings have a sad fate. They sit on on the shelves of a thrift store or up in a dusty attic, forgotten for months, maybe years, and will probably never find a forever home to be displayed proudly in. Maybe you’ve got something like this tucked away in your own home, or seen one in a thrift store yourself. If they get lucky and someone mistakes them for a Matisse, or maybe they just happen to get picked up by this guy, they can be admired again.

David Irvine, the talented Canadian artist behind the Gnarled Branch, has set out to salvage thrift store paintings from their sad demise. Instead, he collects these paintings and “re-directs” them by adding pop culture favorites like Batman or Godzilla. His characters fit right in with their surroundings, and the result is seriously impressive. He calls it redirected art.


In every Re-Directed painting that he does, David doesn’t paint over the existing signature, and depending on the project, adapts the traits of the original (coloring, lighting, brushstrokes etc.), or goes in a complete opposite direction and achieve a high contrast in imagery. All of the paintings currently available can be found on the Gnarled Branch Etsy store.

March 15

Introducing Leah!

Introducing Leah

Hello internet! My name is Leah and I’m super excited to be one of the newbies on the Geek Crafts writing team! I’ll be popping in on Wednesday afternoons to share some of my favourite geeky-crafty finds. In fact, you may have noticed a couple of posts from me already, both of which featured awesome embroideries. I’m pretty smitten with textile art, so you can expect to see more of the same from me. I love anything crafty and clever (and geeky) though!

I’m originally from a wee town in Newfoundland, Canada, but am currently living in a big town in British Columbia, Canada. My home on the internet is Zombies Wearing Helmets, which is kind of a rambling record of my life, my crafts, and random things that make me lol. (Zombies fall into all three of those categories, so the title is actually quite appropriate.) I work in retail (yuck!) and volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation centre (yay!). I enjoy playing board games, birding, thrifting, and collecting all sorts of odd things – vintage craft books, dinosaurs, zombies, shells, rocks, owls and macramé. (Macramé owls are twice the fun!).

My geekiness is a mix of horror, sci-fi, and silliness. Here are some lists! (I really like lists!) My favourite monsters are zombies, more zombies, xenomorphs, triffids, Gill-Man, and Godzilla. My favourite TV shows are Red Dwarf, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, Futurama and The Golden Girls.  My favourite comics are The Walking Dead, Chew, Calvin & Hobbes, and Mouse Guard. My favourite authors are Stephen King, Arthur C. Clarke, Anne Rice, and Neil Gaiman. My favourite superheros are Wolverine, The Hulk, and Spider-Man. My favourite movies are Night of the Living Dead, Dead-Alive, Jurassic Park, Alien, Predator, MST3K, Little Shop of Horrors (1986), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Donnie Darko. I pretty much love any good/bad B movie, creature feature, or anything with Nicholas Cage. They all make me giggle!

Some of my crafty hobbies include embroidering, doodling, and blogging. I also love making random things, such as rhinestone encrusted flamingos and pine cone spiders. There are way too many project ideas floating around in my head but not nearly enough time to do them all. It’s so frustrating!

But enough about me! I’ll be back again on Wednesday with some more awesomeness to share with you all.

– Leah

March 19

CMYK Starship Enterprise

CMYK Starship EnterpriseWhen sci-fi geekery meets ink cartridges and a little creativity, it turns into some really amazing art!  Artist Faith Pearson made scenes from sci-fi movies and tv shows using a ton of empty ink cartridges donated by Ink and Media Ltd.

My favorite is of course the Enterprise, but there are also amazingly photographed scenes from Godzilla and King Kong, and a pretty convincing space tunnel!  Check out the full gallery of images at Ink and Media Ltd.

CMYK Starship Enterprise

Star Trek on GeekCrafts

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