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March 31

GeekCrafts Submission: Harry Potter Sharpie Mug

DIY Sharpie-decorated mugs

We received this as a submission, and what a cute project! I had no idea you could decorate ceramic coffee mugs with regular Sharpies! I love how bright the colors turned out and the adorable little Harry Potter face (complete with mini Gryffindor scarf collar!).

What would you draw on your coffee mug? A Star Trek insignia? The Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo? A couple of Portals?

July 11

Reader Submission: Harry Potter Acceptance Letter

So… you’re planning your epic Harry Potter party, and you want to out-do those muggles down the road who are trying to steal all your guests. How do you make sure your party stands out?

Give your guests personalised Harry Potter Acceptance letters from Nikinut’s Etsy shop.

These are bound to make any Harry Potter fanboy/girl squee with excitement, the attention to detail is enchanting, each one is sealed with a Hogwarts gold wax seal, the letter itself is signed by Prof. Minerva McGonagall, in green ink and includes a list of everything you will need at Hogwarts your first year.

December 12

Accio Brain Coffee Mug Cozy

Any hardcore Harry Potter fan is familiar with the summoning charm “accio.” I spotted this adorable handmade crocheted and embroidered coffee mug cozy, in Gryffindor scarlet and gold, on Etsy in Knotworkshop’s shop. There’s no guarantee that the cozy will help your morning caffeine jump start your brain, but it will certainly add to your geek cred.

July 10

Harry Potter Horcruxes T-Shirt

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is opening in just a few short days and I’ve been seeing a lot of cool shirts people are making to wear to the premiere. Craftster jilltheimpossible made this shirt – click through to see the back – Make Love Not Horcruxes. Now I’m regretting not re-reading the books beforehand.

I’d love to see more Harry Potter crafts!

August 7

Baby Geekery

In celebration of my sister having her first baby, I have collected some of my favourite geek crafts for babies.


There are some amazing baby crafts available on Etsy. Some of these are super cute! There are hundreds of things there that I love, but these are just a few of my favourites.

hp keys

How about some Harry Potter inspired keys flying around the ceiling, you just have to catch the right one!!

muggle born onesie

And what do you think of this onesie I made for my new baby niece? I can’t wait to educate her in geekery as she grows up!

December 12

Gift A Geek: Tea! Just What The Doctor Ordered


Tea! That’s all I needed. A good cup of tea. A superheated infusion of free radicals and tannin. Just the thing for heating the synapses.

15eb_doctor_who_tardis_tea_infuserDid you think I had a different Doctor in mind? I mean there are 12 to choose from.

The Tardis Tea Infuser is available at Think Geek  But to get to the actual Tea. We have so many choices. Like tea itself wasn’t geeky enough there are fandom blends to make you happy.

Fandom Blend Tea Sets from Adagio Tea  Firefly, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who…pick a sampler blend for $19. If there’s a fandom or three you want to try/gift.

Tea and Absinthe   Doctor Who teas and Tea, Earl Grey Hot.  They also have a few tea accessories.

Tea and Other Things – Butterbeer and Chocolate Frog flavored tea need I say more?

And of course you will need something to make this tea in:


I feel like there is a degree of Serenity placing those words on a teapot.

And One would be remiss to not provide something to drink the tea from. I pity the fool without a tea mug.


Build the geekest tea set you can, and go off and spread tea among the masses.  All of the shops linked above, have a few other choices for mug, for pot, for infuser, and of course for Tea.