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September 19

Want To See Iron Man Dancing With a T-Rex?

IBOTKS and T-Rex dancing

I had the pleasure of setting up shop at TopCon this past weekend, a small convention in Topeka, Kansas. It being their hometown, of course the IBOTKS were there (Iron Brothers of Topeka, KS).  They’re a family cosplay group that’s built some amazing Ironman themed cosplays, along with many other costumes too.  I just happened to catch this video of Ironman and War Machine getting their groove on with a T-Rex (and it’s hard to see, but there’s this little kid in the middle of it all dancing his little heart out too).  Needless to say, it was a fun weekend.  If you want to see more pictures from TopCon, head on over to their photo gallery!

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January 17

A Decepticon In Foam


Jamie, AKA Familyman, posted his lifesize Ravage Decepticon that he made, over at Seibertron.

Jamie builds replica props out of foam anti-fatigue mats. This Ravage is for display and to help Jamie get the templates all correct, so he can build a few more for sale. He’s also built a life size R2 out of foam, Wall-e, proton pack, Flux capacitor, and a Horus headdress from StarGate SG-1. Currently, he’s also working on an Ironman costume, Master Chief costume and K9 from “Doctor Who.” Check out his Facebook page, Foamtastic Props, for more photos of his other projects and to see if there’s anything you need for your own collection.

May 3

Knit Your Own Iron Man or War Machine

So in the US Iron Man 3 Comes out today.  The perks of having a sibling in the hallowed halls of Marvel Comics means I saw it Monday (review here) and have red and gold armored Avenger crafts on the brain.  Red is already one of may favorite colors, this may get dangerous.

I’ve started small with just some Iron dolls from Irene McCormick designs that can be found on Raverly a site that brings together, fiber artists of all standings and is free to join.



She also has designs up for Black Widow, Superman, Spiderman, and (BBC) Merlin. Clearly a regular Geek Crafter.


August 21

Chicago Comic Con 2011 – Review (with cosplay!)

For their birthdays, many women might ask for a day at the spa, or a shopping spree, or at least a fancy dinner. While I can have my girly-girl moments, I really wanted some time when I could bond with my family, and make some lasting memories, before my first-born heads off to college next fall. So I asked for what any good mother to a family of geeks would ask for – a trip to Comic Con.

Wizard World Comic Con - Chicago

Last weekend we took a road trip to Wizard World’s Comic Con in Chicago, held at Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, home primarily to all things comic book, but also sci-fi, fantasy, and generally geeky in nature.  The Con was a very decent size, and took us about 5 hours to get through. We could have spent longer, but that was all our trip itinerary would allow.

The view from the entrance was quite impressive and a little overwhelming.

Chicago Comic Con 2011 entrance

We decided to just go through each of the aisles, making note of interesting things, before attacking with our wallets.  And always considering our GeekCrafts readers, I put everyone on photo duty for all the interesting cosplay (costume-play) adventures. You’re welcome.

My husband has over 100 pics posted in a Google Album, but here is a sampling to whet your appetite [after the jump]. Continue reading

January 23

TEN Awesome Iron Man Crafts & Projects

Who didn’t love the Iron Man movie? Here are ten of the most awesome Iron Man craft projects that you can do for $20 grand or less…most of them a LOT less!

Iron Man Full Body Suit











The Popular Mechanics website featured this “home made” Iron Man suitcrafted by Norweigan costume enthusiast,  John Kristiansen and a group of his friends that call themselves TMP. They attempted to create this costume before the May release of the Iron Man film, with nothing but promo pictures of the suit and twenty-thousand dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly! Kristiansen and his pals spent TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS on this realistic costume. It came out so close to perfect that Paramount hired Kristiansen to make appearances around Europe to promote the DVD release, and he plans to use it for charity fundraisers and to talk to children about saftey, saying:

you may not listen to your parents, but if Iron Man tells you to wear a bike helmet, you’re going to do it.

So next time you have an extra twenty thousand sitting around, consider building a costume for a major-blockbuster film!

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